Drag and drop form builder

Drag and drop lets you easily move form elements around the page - no code needed!


Build beautiful forms with drag and drop

There’s no longer a need to learn to code or hire a team of web developers just to build a form.

With Growform’s drag and drop form builder, you can simply drag form elements (like “name” or “email address”) over to the editor and then drop them in the right place – it’s that simple.

How to create a form, the "drag and drop" way

To get started creating your own form with drag n’ drop, simply sign up for the Growform form builder.

Then, drag the fields you want over and “drop” them onto the main canvas.

Finally, you’ll need to embed the form onto your webpage or simply link to the live version.

What can be achieved?

You can create advanced, multi-step forms with our drag and drop form builder – even with zero code.

For example you can:

  • Create a form with multiple steps
  • Add 15 different types of field, from email addresses to phone numbers
  • Use validation to make sure you have all the right information

How to get started

To get started and create your first form, just hit the button below to sign up to Growform!

You’ll be guided through an easy-to-use tutorial and will be able to create your first form in no time.

Which plans include drag & drop?

Drag & drop is pretty central to any form builder, so it's included as standard!

Hobbyist plan

  • Yes

Agency plan

  • Yes

It all starts here...

Start creating beautiful, multi-step forms that convert with a zero commitment free trial (no credit card required):