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Lead Generation For Lawyers: 11 Best Tips In 2024

Secure your case load with these 11 lead generation strategies for law firms in 2024

In the legal sector, lead generation isn’t about casting the widest net, but about precisely targeting those in need of expert guidance. As we go into 2024, lawyers need to refine their lead generation strategies to connect with clients who are actively seeking legal expertise.

This guide will introduce you to 11 effective legal lead generation strategies tailored for lawyers. We’ll investigate how to leverage paid ads, legal marketplaces and social media to build a robust pipeline of potential clients and build a practice that clients turn to in times of need.

The tips:

1. Get Found With Local SEO

Your journey to generate more lawyer leads should start with sprucing up your online presence for local searches. When people look for legal services in your area, you definitely want to be the one they find first. Local SEO is the go-to in this scenario. It targets folks already interested in legal services, so you’re reaching out to the right crowd.

First things first, get your business details consistent across all online platforms. You’d be surprised how many law firms show different details across their website pages and social media. We’re talking about your firm’s name, address, and phone number – the NAP details. This will help search engines like Google to recognize and trust your firm, boosting your visibility in search results.

Now, let’s talk about claiming your business on Google My Business. If you haven’t done this yet, you’re missing out. It’s a free tool that lets you manage how your law firm appears on Google Maps and in search results. Fill out your profile with nothing held back – business hours, a snappy description, and photos. Remember, a profile that’s rich in details and customer reviews will always outrank an empty or sparse one.

Your Google My Business profile is probably the most powerful tool we can recommend to get more legal leads – so don’t overlook this!

A solid Google My Business profile will result in listing like this

Moving on to your website, it’s time to weave in those local keywords.

You can use a tool like Google Keyword Planner to get an idea of popular keywords, but we have some ideas for you too.

Let’s say your practice is in Chicago. You’ll want to use phrases like “legal advice in Chicago” or “Chicago employment law experts.” Put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients. What would they search for? These keywords should feature in your website’s content marketing, meta tags, and even blog posts. This will amp up your online visibility.

And here’s a tip: if you serve multiple areas, consider creating location-specific landing pages. Say you’re a solicitor who covers both Chicago and Naperville. Having dedicated pages for each area, packed with local info and keywords, will make a world of difference. But remember, don’t just churn out page after page. Make each one count with valuable, relevant information for your clients.

2. Redesign Your Landing Page

Landing Pages For Lawyers

Having a high-performing landing page is an essential part of generating leads for lawyers.

Focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO) to transform your site from a standard informational page into a dynamic lead magnet. This is crucial, as it will amplify the impact of every other tip in this guide.

This legal lead generation landing page uses a clear CTA, social proof (testimonials) and simple, benefit-driven copy

You should enhance your landing page with engaging copy, clear benefits, and distinct calls-to-action (CTA). Your headline and subheadline need to capture attention and address your potential clients’ needs directly. For instance, change out a generic “Leading Legal Services” to something more compelling, such as “Expert Legal Solutions to Protect Your Rights”.

Visual elements are key. Showcase your successful cases or your team in action. Use genuine photos of satisfied clients where possible, as these are more impactful than stock images. Captivating images of your law firm’s victories and happy clients will significantly boost the appeal of your services, attracting more leads. At the very least, use images of local landmarks rather than stale stock images.

When it comes to your website’s copy, highlight the benefits, not just the features. Rather than “We offer experienced legal representation,” try “Secure your future with our expert legal representation.”

Emphasize the advantages of your legal services to connect more effectively with potential clients, enhancing engagement and lead generation.

Your CTA is vital – it should be prominent, engaging, and easy to locate. An enticing CTA like “Schedule Your Free Legal Consultation Today!” adds urgency and presents a clear benefit, encouraging visitors to take action and resulting in more legal leads.

Simplify your lead generation form. A concise form requesting minimal information can motivate more visitors to sign up, boosting your lead generation. Tools like Growform are useful to capture and qualify these leads effectively.

Don’t overlook the power of social proof such as client testimonials and partner logos. These elements build trust and should be prominently displayed on your landing page. Showcasing client reviews and recognisable partner logos can instil confidence in potential clients, further enhancing your legal landing page’s conversion rate.

Finally, ensure your site is mobile-friendly. With the increasing trend of browsing on phones, a mobile-optimized landing page is crucial for a smooth user experience and will guarantee more leads.

3. Fire Up Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads For Lawyers

Facebook Ads could be a major turning point in your lead generation for lawyers. The platform’s sophisticated targeting options let you zero in on your ideal clients, whether they’re individuals needing family law advice or businesses seeking corporate legal counsel.

Get started with an enticing offer in your campaign. Maybe it’s a free initial consultation or a discount on your services. This should be the star of your ad and your landing page. It’s a great hook to grab attention and you can always change this later based on how your campaign performs.

This ad starts with a simple question and features a clear, simple call-to-action.

Experiment with different ad designs to see what resonates with your audience. Mix and match your images, ad copy, and layout. It’s all about finding that sweet spot that appeals to potential clients.

Psychological tactics work wonders in ads. Use a sense of urgency or exclusivity, like “Limited time free consultation” or “Exclusive legal advice for small businesses,” to encourage quick responses. Just ensure these claims are genuine!

If you’re new to Facebook ads, you might start by targeting potential clients in your area with interest targeting, based on those who might need legal services.

When writing your ads, you should tailor your message to suit your audience. If you’re targeting individual clients, focus on how you can provide peace of mind and legal protection. For businesses, emphasize your expertise in navigating complex legal landscapes and supporting long-term business growth. Keep it relevant and engaging!

As you gather more leads, make the most of this data to create lookalike audiences. This feature helps you find potential clients similar to those who have already shown interest in your services, simplifying the targeting process.

Law Firm Facebook Ads Examples

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Facebook Ads Library. It’s a treasure trove of live ads, and you can learn a lot from those that have been running successfully for some time.

4. Partner with Local Organizations

Establishing partnerships with local businesses and organizations can be a fantastic way to generate more leads for your law firm. Focus on businesses that complement your practice area and ethos.

If you specialise in property law, you might establish partnerships with estate agents and property management companies. These professionals regularly interact with individuals who might need legal advice on property transactions or disputes. Offering free initial consultations to referrals or hosting joint informational seminars could be a great way to build these relationships.

Corporate law firms might benefit from building relationships with local business incubators or co-working spaces. These hubs are filled with startups and small businesses that may require legal assistance for contracts, intellectual property issues, or corporate governance. Participating in networking events or offering free legal clinics can position your firm as the go-to expert in this field.

Tailored partnerships like this not only generate leads but also establish your firm as an integrated, part of the local community.

Remember, the essence of a good partnership is mutual benefit, so always look for ways to provide value to your partners as well.

5. Try Google Ads PPC

If you’re doing lead generation for lawyers, you should absolutely pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. With PPC, you only pay when somebody clicks your ads on search engines like Google – which makes it cost-effective and targeted, so long as you manage it wisely.

Begin with keyword research. Use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to identify keywords that are relevant to your legal services and frequently used to find law firms like yours.


Once you have your keywords, bid on them to ensure your ads appear prominently in search results for related queries.

Effective PPC management is crucial. Monitor your click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates (CRs) closely. These metrics provide insights into the performance of your campaign.

Be prepared to adjust your bids and refine your ad copy to enhance the effectiveness of your campaign.

Proactive management and continuous optimization are key to successful lead generation in the competitive legal market. By staying informed and responsive, you can effectively use PPC to grow your client base.

If you don’t have the expertise in-house to manage PPC, you should look for a PPC agency or performance marketing agency with specialist legal lead generation experience.

6. Offer Free Consultations

If you don’t already offer a free consultation, take note – this can be a game-changer in the lawyer lead generation game.

By providing potential clients with a no-cost initial meeting, you’re opening the door to a wealth of opportunities

Now, you might wonder, why do free consultations work so well in the legal field?

For starters, legal issues can be daunting for many people. A free consultation breaks down barriers, making legal advice more accessible. This initial touchpoint is crucial. It’s where your expertise shines, providing a platform to showcase your skills and the value you can bring to a case.

But it’s not just about giving free advice. These consultations are a chance to understand the client’s needs deeply and tailor your services to suit them. You could cover the basics of their legal issue, outline potential strategies, and offer a glimpse of what working with your firm would look like. This approach demonstrates that you’re a firm that listens and responds to individual needs.

Offering free consultations is a win-win. Potential clients get the advice they need without commitment, and your firm gets a foot in the door to build a relationship and potentially secure a new client. It’s that first step that could lead to a long-term professional relationship.

7. Attend Local Events

For lawyers keen to generate high quality legal leads for attorneys, community engagement is a sound strategy. Dive into the local scene and support events that resonate with your target demographic.

Think legal aid workshops, local business expos, or community outreach programmes—ideal spots to introduce your legal expertise to potential clients.


Having more than just a financial stake in these events is crucial. Set up a booth or a consultation corner. This provides a golden chance to have one-on-one conversations with attendees, offer free initial advice, and distribute materials like business cards or informative pamphlets. Make sure your setup catches the eye with professional and engaging signage.

But here’s the key: when mingling at these events, focus on forging real connections over blatant self-promotion. Be warm, helpful, and knowledgeable. This approach won’t just burnish your professional image; it also significantly ups the odds of turning attendees into genuine leads. In the legal field, trust and rapport go a long way.

8. Buy Legal Leads

Legal lead generation companies can deliver a steady stream of potential clients straight to your inbox or CRM system – without you needing to learn the ins and out of law firm marketing.

These companies use a mix of tactics tailored for legal leads, usually including local SEO, targeted PPC campaigns and savvy social media ads – all designed to catch the eye of those in need of legal assistance.

The types of leads you’ll encounter are as varied as the cases you might take on. There are exclusive leads, which are yours and yours alone, offering a direct line to a potential client with no competition.

Then there are non-exclusive leads, shared among a few firms, ideal if you’re confident in making your services stand out.

And let’s not forget aged leads – those who’ve previously considered legal services but haven’t yet committed. With a clever re-engagement strategy, they could be gold.

Picking the right type of lead is a balancing act between your budget and your business approach.

The key to getting this to work is in choosing a reliable lead generation partner. You should look for transparency in how they find and qualify leads, clear pricing, and honesty about what type of leads you’re getting.

Before you jump in with both feet, why not start with a smaller batch of leads to test the waters. This lets you assess the quality before fully committing.

Some of the legal lead generation companies that came up during our research were: 4LegalLeads and Best Case Leads.

9. Encourage Online Reviews

In the competitive world of legal lead generation, online reviews are key. Just as you strive to win cases, you should also aim to gather a trove of positive reviews.

These not only enhance your search engine visibility but also make your firm stand out in search results, attracting more potential clients.

Encourage your clients to share their experiences by making it as easy as pie for them. Provide them with direct links to your profiles on platforms like Google and Trustpilot.

Remember, most clients who’ve had a positive experience with your firm will be more than happy to sing your praises – so don’t hesitate to ask.

Why not weave review requests into your email communications? Setting up automated emails can gently remind clients to leave a few words about your stellar legal services – with no hard work on your part.

But let’s not forget the other side of the coin: negative reviews. Rather than shying away from them, view these as opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to exceptional service. It’s important to address all feedback – good and bad – promptly and professionally.

10. Post On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is teeming with potential clients, influencers, and referral sources. The key to harnessing its power is crafting posts that resonate with your audience while demonstrating your expertise and thought leadership in your legal field.

Start by sharing informative content that addresses common legal issues or changes in the law. For example, if you specialize in employment law, a post about the latest developments in workplace legislation or tips for employers dealing with employee disputes can make interesting reading.


This approach not only showcases your knowledge but also positions you as a go-to source for legal advice.

Another effective strategy is to share success stories or case studies (while maintaining client confidentiality, of course). Narrating how you’ve helped a client overcome a challenging legal situation not only illustrates your skills but makes your services more tangible and relatable.

Engaging in current legal discussions also makes sense. Contributing thoughtful insights on trending legal topics or news stories can spark conversations and increase your visibility on the platform. This approach is particularly effective if you can relate these discussions back to your areas of expertise, thereby attracting an audience interested in those specific legal services.

Don’t forget the power of educational content. For example, your firm could host a brief LinkedIn Live session or post short videos explaining legal concepts in layman’s terms.

Remember that consistency is key. Regularly posting quality content keeps you top of mind – and over time, this will build you a network of connections who are more likely to think of you when they need legal help.

By focusing on these types of posts, you’ll not only engage your current network but also steadily grow your audience, leading to more law firm leads and referrals over time.

11. Get More Leads With Growform

Every visitor to your website is a potential client, but with shortening attention spans and mobile screen-time on the rise, you’re competing for your users’ attention more than ever.

A long, boring form that asks for too much information upfront will quickly turns users away, wasting valuable opportunities and ad spend.

This is where Growform steps in:


Growform isn’t just another form builder – it was built from the ground for lead generation. It uses conversion rate optimization best-practices, UX research and psychological principles to get you more leads.

With Growform, your users are never greeted with a boring wall of questions.

Here’s what a law firm’s form looks like on Growform:


By splitting up questions onto multiple steps and asking them in an engaging way, you’ll be on the way to capturing twice as many leads from the same traffic.

It’s easy to embed a Growform form into any page of your website, and the tool can send leads pretty much anywhere via Zapier.

There are hundreds of templates available, including those specifically designed for law firms.

Law firms and legal lead generation experts worldwide use Growform to squeeze more leads from their landing pages, qualify their leads better and keep track of what’s working. Try a 14 day free trial, with no credit card required!

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Get more law firm leads and qualify them better with Growform, the lead generation form builder.

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