A versatile Opinion Stage alternative for lead generation

Opinion Stage is a great tool for surveys and quizzes, but can be restrictive until you upgrade to a Business plan. And what's with having their branding on on starter plans?

Opinion Stage vs Growform

We’ve done our best to make sure our starter plan is genuinely useful – for this reason, we don’t restrict features like email alerts, custom redirects or branding removal on any plans like Opinion Stage.

Opinion Stage (Starter plan)Growform (Startup plan)
Create interactive lead formsYesYes
Embed forms on your websiteYesYes
Custom style & designYesYes, with CSS override
Email notificationsNoYes
Redirect on completionNoYes
Remove tool brandingNoYes

What makes Growform so different?

Unlike those that try to do everything all at once (quizzes, calculators and more), Growform does one thing well: it lets you build forms that generate more leads.

Founded by a marketer tired of sending traffic to poor-converting forms that didn't fit their surroundings, Growform is rapidly gaining traction as a best-practice in landing page design.

It contains 20+ best-practices templates built in, allows for complete customization and works nicely on all devices.

We think you'll love it as an Opinion Stage alternative, but that's just our opinion(!) - see if you agree with a free 14 day free trial.

Built for conversion rates

Create a lead capture form that really converts

We’ve taken years of experience in conversion rate optimisation & landing page best practices and distilled our learnings into one, simple to use lead generation form builder.

  • 53% of mobile users abandon forms that take over 3 seconds to load
  • Creating a form with a simple question upfront increases the % of users who will start the form
  • Multi-step forms are hugely effective due to the "sunk cost" fallacy - people naturally feel compelled to finish what they started.
Embed anywhere

Choose from 3 simple embedding options

No need to mess about with code - you can embed on WordPress, Unbounce, Wix - or pretty much any landing page / website HTML editor out there:

  • Embed inline with other content (HTML snippet)
  • Show growform as an overlay when somebody clicks a button (advanced HTML snippet)
  • Link to growform from an email, social post or website (simple link)

Start building better forms today

In our opinion, Growform is a great alternative to Opinion Stage - why not try it out and see what you think?