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17 Meilleures idées de génération de prospects solaires pour 2024

In the solar industry, generating leads is more than a numbers game. It’s vital for solar businesses to differentiate themselves with strategies that resonate deeply with increasingly eco and savings conscious consumers.

To outshine competitors, solar companies need to deploy lead generation tactics that reflect the growing sophistication of customers who are not just buying a product but adopting a lifestyle.

This guide will cover 17 fresh and tested lead generation ideas for solar companies, each designed to engage and convert potential leads about the benefits and feasibility of going solar.

The tips:

1. Get Seen With Local SEO

The first step in your solar lead generation journey should be optimizing your online presence for local searches.

When people search for solar services in your area, you want your business to be easily found. Local SEO is brilliant for this, as it targets potential customers who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Start by making sure your business details are accurate and consistent across all online platforms. This includes your business name, address, and phone number (often referred to as NAP details). Consistency here helps search engines like Google recognize and trust your business, which will boost your ranking in search results.

A well-optimized Google My Business profile will result in placements like this!

Claiming your business on Google My Business is an essential move. This is a free tool that lets you manage how your business appears on Google Maps and Google search results.

Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date, including your business hours, description, and photos. A rich, detailed profile with plenty of before and after photos, as well as plenty of customer reviews will always rank higher than an empty one.

Creating and optimizing your Google My Business profile is probably the #1 action we can recommend to get more solar leads for the time and effort it takes – so don’t skip this.

Now, let’s talk about your website. Optimizing it for local keywords is key. If your business is in New York, use specific phrases like “solar panel installation in New York” or “affordable solar installation in NYC”. Think about what your potential customers might search for. Incorporating these into your website’s content, meta tags, and even in your blog posts can make a significant difference.

Creating location-specific landing pages is a great strategy for solar installers. If you serve multiple areas, consider having a dedicated page for each location. These pages should include location-specific information and keywords, like “solar panel maintenance in Brooklyn” or “Queens solar energy consultations”. Don’t just generate 500 pages – weave in information relevant to the local area and provide value to your searchers.

2. Invest In Facebook Ads

Solar Ads On Facebook

Facebook ads are another excellent tool for solar lead generation. The platform’s advanced targeting capabilities allow for granular targeting, and the visual and win-win nature of solar (read: customers can save money!) make it the perfect platform.

When launching your first campaign, test out a deal or special offer. For example, “10% off solar panel installations” or “free solar energy consultation” can be powerful lures. Make sure this offer is front and centre in both your ad and on your landing page to attract more solar energy leads. Feel free to tweak or retract this offer later based on your campaign’s performance.

This simple solar ad encourages the visitor to learn more about the savings and uses simple, non stock imagary.

Split testing (or A/B testing) is key to figuring out what hits the mark and generates more solar leads. Try different ad creatives to find out what clicks with your audience. Switch up your images, ad text, and layouts.

Use psychological triggers in your ads, like exclusivity and urgency, to ramp up your lead generation for solar. Phrases like “Limited time offer” or “Exclusive solar package” can provoke a quicker response – but make sure they’re actually true!

If you’re new to Facebook ads, you might start by targeting homeowners in your local area (assuming you are aiming for residential solar leads) using Facebook’s demographic and interest targeting to capture more solar leads.

As your campaign progresses and you start racking up leads, harness this data to create lookalike audiences. This technique allows you to target potential customers that are similar to those who’ve already shown interest, making it easier to find leads without intricate targeting.

Solar Facebook Ads Examples

Also, don’t forget to check out the Facebook Ads Library for inspiration. It’s packed with examples of live solar ads that are drawing in leads. To spot the most successful ones, look for ads that have been active for weeks or months.

Lastly, remember to customise your message based on your audience’s needs. Residential clients might be more interested in the environmental benefits and cost savings of solar energy, while commercial clients could respond better to messages about long-term efficiency and sustainability.

3. Redesign Your Landing Page

Revamping your solar landing page can be a game-changer if you’re looking to attract more leads.

By focusing on conversion rate optimisation (CRO), you transform your page from a boring digital brochure into a dynamic lead magnet. This section alone will make almost every other tip in this guide more effective, so pay attention!

This simple landing page features a multi-step form, clear CTA and benefit-driven copy.

Start by sprucing up your landing page with compelling copy, clear benefits and clear calls-to-action.

Your headline and subheadline should grab attention and directly address your audience’s needs. For example, swap out a generic “Leading Solar Solutions” for something more engaging like “Slash Your Energy Bills with Our Solar Panel Installations”.

Visuals are crucial. Feature your best solar panel installations or your team in action. Use real photos of satisfied customers whenever possible – these are far more effective than generic stock images. Captivating images of your solar projects and happy clients will significantly enhance the appeal of your services, drawing in more leads.

When it comes to your copy, focus on the benefits, not just the features. Instead of “We offer high-efficiency solar panels,” try “Cut down on energy costs with our high-efficiency solar panels.”

Emphasizing the advantages of your solar services can resonate more with potential customers, driving up engagement and lead generation.

Your call-to-action (CTA) is critical – make it stand out, be engaging, and easy to find. A compelling CTA like “Get Your Free Solar Quote Today!” adds urgency and presents a clear benefit, encouraging visitors to take action and thereby increasing your lead generation.

Streamline your lead generation form. A straightforward form that asks for minimal information can encourage more visitors to sign up, boosting your lead generation. Tools like Growform can help capture and qualify these leads more effectively.

Don’t forget to include social proof like customer testimonials and partner logos. These build trust and should be prominently displayed on your landing page. Showcasing client reviews and well-known partner logos can instil confidence in potential customers, enhancing your lead generation even further..

Finally, ensure your site is mobile-friendly. With so many people browsing on their phones, a mobile-optimized landing page is essential for a smooth user experience, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

4. Partner with Local Businesses

Establishing partnerships with local businesses can be a highly effective way to generate solar leads. Focus on businesses that complement solar energy’s eco-friendly ethos.

For instance, you could partner with green builders or architects known for sustainable practices. These individuals are constantly in touch with homeowners keen on green living, making them ideal for referrals.

Home improvement and hardware stores are also great partners. They’re frequented by DIY enthusiasts and homeowners looking to upgrade their properties. A display or a small info desk at such stores can capture the attention of potential solar energy installs.

Landscaping companies offer another avenue. They work with clients who are already investing in their property’s exterior, a mindset conducive to considering solar installations.

Lastly, consider local environmental organizations or clubs. They can help you tap into a network of environmentally conscious individuals who might be interested in solar energy. Offering to sponsor events or provide educational talks can strengthen these partnerships.

These targeted partnerships, built around shared values and customer bases, can help generate a new stream of solar leads. Remember, partnerships are built on mutual benefit, so try to give something back to anybody who refers a customer to your business.

5. Try Google Ads PPC

With PPC for your solar, you only when someone clicks on your ad, making it a cost-effective strategy to attract potential customers and generate solid leads – if you keep it under control.

Kick off your Google Ads campaign by diving into keyword research. Use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to pinpoint top-performing keywords that are both relevant to your solar services and frequently searched by your target audience.

These sponsored ads (PPC) are charged on a per-click basis – and can get expensive!

Once you’ve identified these keywords, bid on them to ensure your ads get prime visibility in search results for related queries.

To really ace your PPC game, you need to be vigilant with your campaign management. Monitor key metrics such as click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates (CRs) closely.

Be ready to refine your bids and tweak your ad copy to boost your campaign’s effectiveness.

Staying proactive and making informed adjustments is key to harvesting those valuable solar leads and shining bright in the very competitive solar market.

6. Use Your Vehicle As An Ad

Vehicle advertising can be a cost-effective way to generate solar leads. Whether you have a company car or a fleet of installation trucks, consider turning them into moving billboards.

Wrapping your van is a smart way to get more leads

Start by designing an eye-catching vehicle wrap that includes your company logo, contact information, and a brief description of your services.

Remember, the key to effective vehicle advertising is visibility. Park your vehicle in high-traffic areas and drive it around your service area to maximize exposure.

7. Sponsor Local Events

Show your dedication to the community and boost your solar business’s profile by sponsoring local events tailored to your ideal solar clientele. Seek out events that attract eco-conscious and home-improvement enthusiasts, such as green energy fairs, sustainable living expos, and community garden projects—prime opportunities to showcase your solar solutions and engage with potential customers.

Beyond just sponsoring, consider having a presence with a booth or stand. This setup allows you to chat with attendees about their needs, distribute branded giveaways and make connections. To make the most of your event participation and draw in more solar leads, ensure your booth has attention-grabbing signage.

When engaging with event-goers, focus on building genuine connections rather than simply pushing your brand. Be approachable, informative, and professional. This approach not only enhances your reputation but also significantly increases the likelihood of generating meaningful solar leads.

8. Buy Solar Leads

Tapping into the expertise of a reputable solar lead generation company and simply buying solar leads can boost your marketing efforts with very little work.

By working with a solar lead generation company, you’ll get a steady stream of potential solar customers delivered directly to your inbox or CRM.

These companies leverage a range of tactics – think SEO, PPC, and Facebook Ads – and operate on a cost-per-lead basis.

Solar leads come in various forms: exclusive leads that are yours alone, non-exclusive leads shared with others, and even aged leads who have considered solar solutions but haven’t made the leap yet.

The trick is to select the type of lead that meshes well with your business approach and budget. Exclusive leads may cost a bit more, but they often bring higher conversion rates as you’re not jostling with competitors.

Alternatively, shared leads are more wallet-friendly and can work wonders if you’ve got a robust follow-up game and can really stand out from the crowd.

Aged solar leads are like the unsung heroes of the lead world – with the right re-engagement strategy, they can prove to be incredibly valuable.

Choosing a trustworthy lead generation partner is crucial. You’ll want a provider who’s transparent about their methods of lead generation and qualification, clear on pricing, and open about what type of leads you’ll be receiving. Look for case studies or testimonials to gauge their effectiveness.

Before going all in, it’s a good move to start with a smaller batch of leads to evaluate the quality – and then keep track over time to make sure this stays consistent.

While we can’t endorse a particular company, our research highlighted a few top solar lead generation companies according to other sources: RGR Marketing, Peak Marketing Service and Invention Solar.

Looking for solar lead generation companies UK? Have a look at Pronto or Watts Marketing.

9. Set Up A Referral Program

Implementing a referral program can be a highly effective strategy to generate solar leads. This approach basically means incentivizing your current customers to recommend your solar services to their friends, family, or colleagues.

You can start simple with a basic system and then evolve into a more sophisticated setup with unique codes and smart tracking later.

To motivate your customers, offer compelling incentives like cash rewards or gift cards.

Actively promote your referral program on your website, across your social media channels and in your email newsletter if you have one. Regular updates about the program and its perks can keep it top of mind for your customers, but remember not to overdo it and become a nuisance.

The optimal time to bring up your referral program is when a client is most satisfied – perhaps right after they’ve had a successful solar panel installation.

Integrating a bit of email automation can turn this into a streamlined, repeatable process for continuously attracting new solar leads through the power of referrals.

10. List On Local Directories

Maximizing your solar installs isn’t just about having a fantastic website or active social media presence; it’s also about being where your potential customers are looking. One often-overlooked strategy is to get listed on business directories. These online listings can be a great place to attract new solar leads.

Start by identifying the most popular and relevant business directories in the solar and renewable energy sector. Think beyond just general directories; niche directories related to green energy and home improvement can be particularly valuable.

When listing your business, ensure your details are thorough and accurate. Include key information like your business name, contact details, services offered, and any certifications or specializations. High-quality images of your work, customer testimonials, and links to your website and social media profiles can also add credibility and attract more attention.

Additionally, consider premium listings or advertising options on these directories for increased visibility. These often come with added benefits like appearing at the top of search results or being featured in special sections.

Solar Business Hub has an extensive directory of solar installers

A Google search will lead you to find solar installer directories that cover your area, but a few we found in our research were Solar Business Hub and ENF solar.

11. Encourage Online Reviews

In the world of solar lead gen, online reviews are like the sun – absolutely essential.

Having a wealth of positive reviews not only boosts your SEO but also makes your listings more obvious and appealing in search engine results. Actively seeking out and keeping an eye on these reviews can turbocharge your marketing efforts, drawing in more potential solar clients.

Make the review process as straightforward as possible for your customers. Offer them direct links to your profiles on Google, Yelp, and other relevant review platforms. Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback – you’ll find that most satisfied customers are more than willing to share their positive experiences.

Yelp is always a popular choice for those searching for solar panels

Integrating review requests into your email marketing can streamline this process. Set up automated messages to gently nudge customers to leave their thoughts on your service.

But it’s not all about raking in glowing reviews. Think about negative reviews as a chance to showcase your commitment to top-notch customer service. Always address reviews, both positive and negative, promptly and professionally. Managing customer feedback effectively, including constructive criticism, demonstrates your dedication to customer satisfaction.

12. Get Listed On Trade Sites

Trade sites can be a valuable resource for solar lead generation. They can put your business in front of a highly targeted audience, increasing your chances of attracting quality leads.

These companies charge on a cost-per-lead basis, which makes it straightforward to keep tabs on costs, as long as you know how many leads become appointments – and how many appointments become installations!

Start by researching trade sites relevant to the solar industry. Consider sites like EnergySage, ThisOldHouse or Thumbtack – as well as more dedicated solar comparison sites. If in doubt, run a Google search in your area to find more sites like this.

EnergySage lets user search for solar panel pricing and installation data

Once you’ve identified suitable sites, reach out to them about getting your business listed.

Be sure to provide comprehensive information about your services, and include a link to your website – and keep an eye on those conversion rates!

13. Join A Business Networking Group

Joining a business networking group can be a powerful way to generate solar leads. It can provide opportunities to connect with other businesses, share resources, and find potential customers.

Look for networking groups in your area that are relevant to your business. This could be a local chamber of commerce, a green business network, or an industry-specific group where you can meet people in related trades who could recommend your services.

For example, roofers and solar installers often go hand in hand – roofers have direct access to homeowners who may be considering solar panels, while solar installers often encounter clients in need of roof repairs or upgrades. By forging strategic partnerships, both parties can benefit immensely. It’s just about making the right connections and creating a partnership that works for everyone involved.

Remember, networking is about building relationships. Be active, contribute to the group, and be ready to offer help and advice when needed.

14. Bring Out The Yard Signs

Yard signs and local advertising can be effective tools for solar lead generation. They can increase your visibility and reach potential customers in your local area.

Consider placing yard signs at the sites you’re currently working on. Make sure the signs are eye-catching yet tasteful, include your business name and contact information, and highlight the benefits of solar energy.

Local advertising can include newspaper ads, radio spots, or billboards. Choose the platforms that best reach your target audience, and craft compelling ads that highlight your unique selling points.

15. Attend Some Niche Expos

Eco-friendly expos can be a great way to find solar leads near you. They attract a captive audience of individuals interested in sustainable living – making them an ideal place to showcase your solar business.

Remember to bring plenty of promotional materials and business cards. Consider offering a special deal or giveaway to attract more leads.

Also, take the opportunity to network. Connect with other businesses, industry experts, and potential customers. You never know where your next lead might come from!

16. Use Targeted Direct Mail

Finally, consider using targeted direct mail to get more targeted, local leads for solar. This traditional marketing method can be highly effective, particularly when combined with digital strategies.

Start by identifying your target audience. Consider factors like location, property size, and interest in sustainable living.

Next, create a compelling mailer. This could be a postcard, brochure, or letter. Make sure it highlights the benefits of solar energy, includes a strong call-to-action, and provides clear contact information.

Amsive have plenty of ideas for creative solar campaigns

Some companies, such as Amsive, The Addressers or Accurate Append have previous experience in direct mail campaigns for solar businesses and may be able to help.

Finally, consider including a special offer to increase the response rate. This could be a discount, a free consultation, or a free energy audit.

17. Get More Leads With Growform

Every visitor to your website is a potential solar lead, but with shortening attention spans and mobile screen-time on the rise, you’re competing for your users’ attention more than ever.

A long, boring form that asks for too much information upfront will quickly turns users away, wasting valuable opportunities and ad spend.

This is where Growform steps in:

Growform isn’t just another form builder – it was built from the ground for lead generation. It uses conversion rate optimization best-practices, UX research and psychological principles to get you more leads.

With Growform, your users are never greeted with a boring wall of questions.

Here’s what a solar lead generation form looks like on Growform:

You can clone this solar lead generation template here.

By splitting up questions onto multiple steps and asking them in an engaging way, you’ll be on the way to capturing twice as many leads from the same traffic.

It’s easy to embed a Growform form into any page of your website, and the tool can send leads pretty much anywhere via Zapier.

There are hundreds of templates available, including those specifically designed for solar.

Solar lead generation experts worldwide use Growform to squeeze more leads from their landing pages, qualify their leads better and keep track of what’s working. Try a 14 day free trial, with no credit card required!


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