B2B / SaaS lead generation form template

Boost lead generation up to 2x with our intuitive form template. Crafted using psychological principles for greater response and an engaging UI for easy completion.

How to generate more leads with our b2b / saas form template

In the B2B / SaaS industry, the secret to generating more leads lies in a well-designed form with an excellent user experience. The best B2B / SaaS landing page forms are not only easy to use, but they also employ strategic psychological principles to increase conversion rates.

Growform has crafted a form template that incorporates these principles. It has been meticulously designed, with questions ordered to gradually increase in difficulty. By placing the harder inquiries towards the end, users are more likely to complete the form due to the ‘sunk cost fallacy’ – the psychological phenomenon where people are more likely to continue an endeavor once they’ve invested time or resources.

Creating a form with such intricacies would typically require a team of software developers. However, with Growform, the process is simplified. Our form builder allows you to implement these high-converting, psychologically-informed forms into your landing page with ease. The end result is an increase in your conversion rate, positioning your business for success in the B2B / SaaS market.

Choose Growform to transform your landing page into a lead generating powerhouse. With our form template and builder, make the process of collecting leads efficient, effective, and easy.

What happens next?

Creating a personalized B2B/SaaS form is simple with our template. You can modify the form and questions to align with your needs.

Once it’s perfectly tailored, embedding the form into your website is a breeze, compatible with platforms such as Wordpress, Squarespace, or Webflow. Alternatively, sharing it directly is just as straightforward.

Integration is made easy through our collaboration with Zapier, allowing form responses to be directed almost anywhere, from your inbox to a specific spreadsheet or CRM. Opting for a form builder like this proves more efficient and cost-effective than seeking help from software developers.’
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B2B / SaaS form template
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