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15 Best Bathroom Remodeling Lead Generation Ideas For 2024

Tap into success with these 15 lead generation strategies for bathroom remodeling in 2023.

If you’re in the bathroom remodeling business, lead generation may not have always been at the top of your priority list. But going into 2024, maybe it’s time to rethink and revamp your lead generation strategies.

This article will dive into 15 innovative and effective ideas to help you draw in more bathroom remodeling leads, both online and offline. There’s no book on bathroom remodeling marketing, so we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to explore a range of ideas that will not only generate leads but also elevate your brand in the ever-competitive bathroom remodeling market.

The ideas:

1. Get On Google My Business

Your first move to boost your bathroom remodeling leads should be creating a Google My Business profile. This nifty, cost-free tool is how you’ll manage your bathroom remodeling business on Google, including both Search and Maps. By taking just a few minutes to set it up and confirm your business details, you position yourself right where potential clients are looking.

Imagine a homeowner in your vicinity Googling for bathroom remodeling services. With a Google My Business profile, your business pops up in their search results, complete with all the crucial details: your whereabouts, working hours, and how to reach you. Not only that, you can also upload photos and recent updates to give a glimpse of your finest work.

These local listings are showed as a result of having a Google My Business profile

It’s not all about visibility, though. Google My Business plays a crucial role in building credibility. The reviews and ratings on your profile can significantly sway a person’s choice to entrust their bathroom makeover to you. So, keep tabs on this feedback – it’ll help you build trust and attract new clients.

2. Revamp your landing page

Your website’s landing page is usually the first thing users and potential customers judge your business on.

As such, it needs to make a lasting impression, convincing visitors to choose your services. It’s key to optimize it for conversion rate optimization – which means users convert rather than “bouncing” off. Here are some pointers:

Firstly, your bathroom remodeling landing page should be a breeze to navigate, visually engaging, and comprehensive in detailing your services. A strong, clear call-to-action (CTA) is essential, guiding visitors to contact you, complete a form, or book a consultation.

Your landing page should be strategically designed to prompt visitors towards the desired action. Features like a prominently placed CTA button, compelling copy and customer testimonials can significantly boost conversion rates.

This bathroom remodeling landing page by My Home has a clear CTA and is clearly relevant. The social proof (reviews) are off-screen.

For bathroom remodeling services, your CTA needs to be direct, engaging, and simple to act upon. Effective CTAs could be “Book Your Remodeling Consultation Today!” or “Request a Free Quote!”. These prompt immediate interaction and foster engagement with your services.

Lastly, the core message across your website and marketing materials should spotlight the advantages of choosing your services. This might include highlighting round-the-clock availability, a commitment to quality, extensive experience, and any unique offerings like guarantees or special deals.

In something as visual as this field, it’s important to show users the results they could be getting – so make use of impressive artwork and “before and after” pictures of your bathroom jobs where you can.

3. Get on Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads offers a powerful platform for bathroom remodeling businesses looking to expand their reach and connect with potential customers. When launching your first ad campaign, it’s crucial to direct your efforts towards conversions. The goal is to transform every ad spend into a strategic investment that brings in new remodel leads, not just to increase the number of people seeing your ads.

The authenticity of your ad content can significantly impact its success. Instead of relying on generic stock images, showcase real photos of your remodeling work, your team in action, and the stunning before-and-after transformations you’ve achieved. This approach boosts trust in your brand and highlights your commitment customer service. In today’s digital landscape, where consumers are constantly bombarded with artificial imagery, presenting the genuine quality of your work can markedly set you apart.

This bathroom remodeling Facebook ad uses engaging copy and simple, striking imagary

Incorporating exclusive discounts or special offers in your Facebook Ads can also be a game changer. For instance, offering a discount for first-time clients or a special rate for a limited period can act as a compelling call to action. These incentives can effectively speed up the decision-making process for potential clients, leading to more immediate conversions.

Lastly, don’t overlook the wealth of insights available in the Facebook Ad Library. This resource is invaluable for gleaning successful strategies and creative ideas from competitors’ ads. By understanding what’s out there, you’ll be able to bake some of these ideas into your own campaigns – and ultimately, drive more business.

4. Start Posting On Nextdoor

Nextdoor – a sort of “social network for neighborhoods” – is an ideal platform for boosting your bathroom remodeling business’s local engagement and lead generation. Set up a free business page to post updates, respond to community recommendations, and track your reputation. Use Nextdoor’s local deals to offer unique discounts on your services.

The trick to success on Nextdoor is active, authentic participation. Avoid spamming; instead, promptly answer inquiries, thank neighbors for their recommendations, and get involved in relevant discussions. Getting involved locally not only makes people notice you more but also helps them trust you and your business.

Encourage customers who find you through Nextdoor to leave recommendations. These endorsements can significantly increase your leads and establish your business as a top choice for bathroom remodeling in your area.

5. Get Seen On Local SEO

Here’s the deal: when someone in your area is dreaming about a new bathroom, you want to be the first name that pops up in their search. Local SEO is about tweaking your online presence so that you’re at the top of the list when somebody’s searching.

We’ve covered getting listed on Google Maps, so let’s focus on getting into the organic results. Imagine your business is nestled in the heart of London. Why not create web pages that speak directly to Londoners’ bathroom renovation needs? Picture a page titled ‘Luxurious Bathroom Remodels in Chelsea’ or ‘Eco-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades in Shoreditch’.

You should use a wide variety of search terms, not just terms related to bath remodels – for example, you might have pages related to shower replacement, home remodeling or interior remodeling if applicable.

These pages need to be dripping with local lingo and details about the specific services you offer in these areas. This strategy is a double whammy – it boosts your visibility for locals and signals to potential customers that you’re clued up on delivering exactly what they need, right where they are.

You should start by ensuring you have pages covering all of the areas you cover, and add ensure they’re populated with unique, high value content that Google will love.

6. Make Use Of Marketplaces

Buying bathroom remodeling leads from online marketplaces can be a savvy move to boost your business. Platforms like HomeAdvisorThumbtack, and Bark (in the UK) are prime spots where businesses and eager consumers connect. Think of these as virtual arenas where potential customers are already looking for what you offer – and you’re being introduced as a solution to their problem.

Thumbtack is a go-to destination for bathroom remodeling leads

Your profile on these platforms needs to shine. Highlight your services, experience, and customer feedback to stand out amongst other plumbers. It’s a competitive space, and your profile is your first impression.

While purchasing leads can boost your lead generation, it’s just one part of a broader digital marketing strategy. These marketplaces often offer non-exclusive leads, meaning you’ll compete with other plumbers who’ve also paid.

When using marketplaces, essential to keep a keen eye on your conversion rates. Track how many leads turn into actual quotes and, eventually, sales. This step is crucial to ensure your investment in these marketplaces is truly paying off.

7. Host A Social Media Contest

In the world of bathroom remodeling, the transformation from the old to the new is nothing short of magical. What better way to showcase this than with a before-and-after photo contest on social media?

This approach not only highlights your craftsmanship but also engages your past clients and potential leads in a fun and interactive way. By encouraging clients to post photos of their remodeled bathrooms and tag you on Instagram or Facebook, you create a buzz around your work.


When past clients share their positive experiences along with visual evidence, it speaks volumes. You’re helping tell a story that resonates with potential customers, giving them an inkling as to what’s possible with their own spaces.

You could offer a small prize, such as a discount on future services or a home improvement gift card. This small gesture not only encourages participation but also fosters goodwill and maintains a positive relationship with past clients, turning them into ongoing brand ambassadors.

8. Use Lead Generation Companies

Bathroom remodeling lead generation companies are adept at harnessing a range of tactics like SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and targeted email campaigns to funnel high-quality leads directly to your CRM or business email.

This approach can be particularly powerful, and lets you take your hands off the lead generation wheel and get back to focusing on your business.

Choosing the right lead generation partner is crucial. It’s worth spending time to identify companies that have a proven track record in generating leads for home service providers, specifically those in the bathroom remodeling sector. Key considerations in this selection process should include their pricing models, the terms of service they offer, and, importantly, feedback from their existing customers.

As with our idea of acquiring leads through online marketplaces, it’s vital to keep a close eye on how these leads perform. Monitoring conversion rates – from initial enquiry to actual appointment setting and, ultimately, job completion – is essential. This vigilance helps in understanding the true value of these leads and adjusting strategies accordingly.

For businesses operating in the US, there are several lead generation firms like 33 Mile RadiusService Direct, and conXPros. By partnering with such companies, you can ensure a more focused and effective lead generation strategy tailored to the unique demands of the bathroom remodeling industry.

9. Forge some partnerships

Expanding your network by forging partnerships with businesses that complement your service can significantly amplify your efforts and capture more leads for remodeling. This strategy is all about tapping into a synergy where each business benefits from the others’ customer base.

Consider aligning with businesses that operate in the home improvement or construction sector but don’t directly compete with your services. For instance, you could partner with suppliers of bathroom fittings, local hardware stores, or interior designers.

To make the most of these collaborations, you’ll need to develop a mutual understanding as to how the referral process will work. This could involve setting up formal referral agreements or simply building a strong relationship based on mutual trust and benefit.

Remember, the key to successful partnerships lies in choosing businesses that share your commitment to quality and customer service. This alignment ensures that the referrals you receive are from trusted sources, maintaining your reputation and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

10. Get listed on online directories

Ensuring you’re prominently featured in online directories can be a pivotal part of your bathroom remodeling lead generation strategy. Think of these directories as modern-day, digital yellow pages, categorizing and listing businesses based on their services and geographic location. This visibility is essential in helping potential clients discover your services.

Directories like YelpYellow Pages, and Angie’s List are prime spots for your business. When creating these listings, it’s crucial to provide comprehensive and accurate information. This would include your business name, address, contact details, website link, and a succinct (yet engaging!) description of your remodeling services.

Adding high-quality photos of your completed projects can significantly enhance your listing’s appeal, giving potential clients a glimpse of your craftsmanship and style.

Leveraging online directories effectively means more than just being listed; it’s about making your business easy to find and appealing to those in need of bathroom remodeling services. By taking these steps, you’re not only increasing your online presence but also paving the way for more bathroom remodeling leads and business opportunities.

11. Start an email newsletter

If you’re a larger business, starting an online newsletter can be a powerful tool in your quest to generate more remodeling leads. Email newsletters provides a direct line of communication with potential customers, always keeping your brand front and center.

To kick off, you can build a subscriber list by encouraging website visitors to sign up, possibly offering a small incentive like an exclusive guide to the latest bathroom trends or tips for easy upgrades.

The content of your newsletter should be a rich mix of insightful articles, such as DIY tips, the latest trends in bathroom design, and case studies showcasing your work. This approach not only demonstrates your expertise but also keeps your audience engaged by providing them with valuable and interesting information. Regular features like ‘Remodeling Tip of the Month’ or ‘Featured Project’ can keep the content fresh and readers looking forward to each issue.

Don’t overlook the power of promotions and exclusive offers in your newsletter. Limited-time discounts or special package deals for subscribers can create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action.

Remember to track which types of content and offers generate the most engagement and leads, and use this data to refine your strategy over time. By providing a mix of valuable content and exclusive offers, your email newsletter can become a vital new driver of bathroom remodeling leads.

12. Network With Property Developers

With the right network, you can start to tap into a continuous stream of projects from property developers and keep fresh bathroom remodeling leads coming in. Start by pinpointing local developers, and introduce your business with a compelling pitch. Make sure to highlight your ability to add value to their projects.

At industry events, focus on forging genuine connections. Showcase your portfolio and underscore your commitment to quality and efficiency – key factors developers seek. Remember, it’s not just about offering services; it’s about presenting solutions that align with their project goals.

Consider sweetening the deal by offering exclusive rates or services for developers. Think priority scheduling or bulk discounts – incentives that make partnering with you irresistible. By aligning your services with their needs, you’ll become more than just a contractor; you’ll be a go-to partner.

13. Turn Your Vehicle Into As A Billboard

Turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard is a clever, cost-effective way to generate leads for your bathroom remodeling business.

This smart van doubles up as a billboard on wheels!

Start by getting a professional, eye-catching wrap or decal designed that showcases your brand, services, and contact information. The design should be striking yet clear, ensuring that potential clients can easily read and remember your details.

Think of your vehicle as a 24/7 marketing tool. Whether you’re parked at a job site, stuck in traffic, or just parked outside a hardware store, your branded vehicle is constantly exposing your business to potential customers. This method is particularly effective because it targets local areas where you operate, increasing the likelihood of reaching homeowners in need of your services.

Remember, your vehicle’s appearance reflects on your business, so keep it clean and well-maintained. A professional-looking vehicle not only catches the eye but also builds trust by showing you take pride in your business.

14. Ask For More Reviews

A staggering 93% of consumers rely on online reviews to judge the quality of local services – including bathroom remodeling.

Reviews for your business not only attract new bathroom remodeling leads but also significantly enhance your online visibility. How? Search engines such as Google use these reviews as a critical factor in ranking businesses in search results, especially for local searches.

So, good reviews that are recent and top-notch can boost your biz’s visibility on search results, making it easier for potential customers to spot you.

The process of accumulating more online reviews can be quite simple and effective. A good strategy is to ask clients to leave a review after you’ve completed their bathroom remodel. Most clients are willing to share their experiences, particularly if they’re satisfied with your work. Consider sending a follow-up email or text as a friendly nudge. This can be streamlined using CRM or email marketing tools, ensuring a steady flow of new reviews.

It’s important to remember that the focus shouldn’t only be on the quantity of reviews, but also on their quality and how you interact with them. Make it a habit to respond to all reviews, positive or negative, promptly and professionally. This not only shows that you value customer feedback but also presents your business as responsive and trustworthy, two qualities essential in the home remodeling industry.

15. Get More Leads With Growform

Every visitor to your bathroom remodeling website is a potential lead.

But with shortening attention spans and mobile screen-time on the rise, you’re competing for your those attention spans more than ever.

A long, boring form that asks for too much information upfront will turns users away, wasting your ad budget and opportunities to convert visitors into leads.

This is where Growform steps in:


Growform isn’t just another form builder – it was built from the ground for lead generation. It uses conversion rate optimization best-practices, UX research and psychological principles to get you more leads.

With Growform, your users are never greeted with a boring wall of questions.

Here’s what a Growform form for a bathroom remodeling company looks like:


By splitting up questions onto multiple steps and asking them in an engaging way, you’ll be on the way to capturing twice as many leads from the same traffic.

It’s easy to embed a Growform form into any page of your website, and the tool can send leads pretty much anywhere via Zapier.

There are hundreds of templates available, including those specifically designed for construction or bathroom remodelling.

Bathroom remodelers and lead generation experts worldwide use Growform to squeeze more leads from their landing pages, qualify their leads better and keep track of what’s working. Try a 14 day free trial, with no credit card required!


Get more bathroom remodeling leads and qualify them better with Growform, the lead generation form builder.

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